Public Emissary

| Kathleen with two of the many business owners who attended the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala. She strongly believes that network marketing is vital to successful business strategies.|

| Kathleen was invited to a young women's conference to speak publicly about her inspiring journey of success in the pageant circuit. She was born in the Houston area so making strong, personal connections with the young high school women who attended came natural.|

| At an annual children's 5k walk to raise money and awareness for children with disabilites. Kathleen attended the event and left many of the children there with a smile. She says that is the goal, and one smile can cause a domino effect to change the world.|

| Kathleen has supported Bennett's Bears non-profit organization 2 years in a row. Bennett's Bears raises money, collects bears, and distributes them to children who are battling cancer in hospitals during the holiday season.|

| Halloween story book reading for the wonderful children of Laugh and Discover early learning center. Kathleen has built a lasting and touching connection with the children at the center. She encourages literacy throughout the center by reading books to children at story time.|

| Kathleen and Lia at Texas Children's Hospital in the recreational room having fun and lighthearted time with one-another. The goal is to bring happiness to the children through interactive games and activities.|

| Kathleen, local Houston police officer, and his son at one of the many HPD fundraisers that she has volunteered at throughout her reigns. The fundraiser's goal is to raise money for police officers who have been tragically injured in the line of duty.|

| Kathleen and Bennett Nester, of Bennett's Bears, at the annual fundraiser and bear drive just days after Christmas. Bennett and Kathleen have a continued friendship. Kathleen states that he has left a lasting impact on her life through his work.| 

| Kathleen and Vision Walk attendees at the annual event. The Vision walk works to create and spread awareness to fight blindness. She enjoys being present in her community as she says it "fills her cup."|

| Kathleen and boss baby at the annual HTX Boss Babes festival. The festival collectively celebrates women in leadership positions.| 

| Kathleen at the New York Life Office headquarters in Houston. Here she met with marketing executives on how they all can collaborate to integrate programs and strategies that bring more information about financial literacy into the latinx community.|

| Kathleen and the Girl Scouts of America at the Forgotten Angels Dayhab Easter performance where one of her mentees is currently a patient.| 

| Kathleen and Ronda at the Forgotten Angels DayHab Easter performance. Kathleen and Ronda met in 2018 at Tim Tebow's Night to Shine and have kept in contact ever since.|

| Kathleen and her former sister Queen Miss Teen Houston Latina at Garden Oaks summer festival bringing great energy and Brightening up the students' day.|