| Kathleen and the Own Every Piece Influencer team with Angela Yee from the Breakfast Club at the Candid Conversations event where they spoke openly about birth control for women.|

| Kathleen modeling for local designer StateLine Designs new collection.|

| Kathleen was invited to do a self defense class at Krav Fit Now to promote the new Charlie's Angels movie.|

| Kathleen at a Houston Bcycle event promoting an earth friendly way of getting around the city.|

| Kathleen choosing her national gowns for the Miss US Latina competition at her sponsor, Couture house, located in The Woodlands, Texas.|

| Kathleen modeling for a local boutique in Pearland, Texas.|

| Fashion Fiesta at Apricot Lane Boutique in Pearland, Texas.| 

| Kathleen after she received a whitening treatment at Naturally White Houston in exchange for social media promotion.|

Kathleen modeling Apricot Lane Boutique's summer collection.| 

Kathleen at the Art in the Park festival in Houston promoting sustainable ways of getting around the city.|

Kathleen modeling Apricot Lane Boutique's and embracing her latin culture.| 

| Kathleen Navarro acting in a promo for the launch of True Opulent's product line.|